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As business leaders, we are the architects of change and we know that more of the status quo is not going to cut it. A special set of leaders is required. Are you ready to meet the challenge?

The LW Greater NY Leadership Council brings together a high-level, innovative community who are writing their own rules, collaborating, expanding networks, learning new skills, and reaching their ultimate potential by forging new progressive paths to growth.
Let’s invest in the success of each other!

The LW Greater NY Leadership Council

Join us as a chartered member today of the LW Greater NY Leadership Council and create the
space you need to level up and experience a new world of opportunity.

If you join this impactful council, you will have full access to all events on CSuiteNetwork.com and the private monthly LWE council meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month.  C-Suite Network’s worldwide organization of active businesses gives you an instant new prospect list.

Why would you want to join the LW Greater NY Leadership council?

  1. Be part of an exclusive high-level, innovative community
  2. Expand your network exponentially and rapidly by getting access to both the LWE and C-Suite networks –
    and gain the networks of the others in the council
  3. Advisement – you won’t be alone in reaching your goals
  4. Collaboration is the name of the game – we will achieve more together
  5. New learning – everyone contributes a new skill, experience, and connection. You will have a solution for
    someone and someone will have a solution for you
  6. Cross-promotion – for example, you will find ways to partner to and to run programs together and
    promote each other
  7. You will think BIGGER – together let’s make 2022 the best year yet!


Our Sponsors

I just wanted to reach out to Thank you for all of your advice from the Money Power and Media event last May. I have been really proactive with all of your steps and I am starting to see a big difference. Getting involved with the LWE has really helped to get me out from behind the scenes, improve my self-confidence and get myself and company out in the media. I am now on the Board of Directors for the PWC NJ, was recently asked to be on my first panel (see below) and today Vericon was listed in the NJBIZ Top 250 Privately Held Companies in NJ. We are #142 !!! And of course the biggest accomplishment of the year, being a Top 150 2016 finalist for LWE. 2016 has been a huge year for me !

Tricia Russel Vohden

New York