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Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE) is a networking organization that recognizes outstanding women in business and strives for their overall advancement.
LWE connects and promotes high-level women entrepreneurs and executives through our respected media partnerships. We provide strategic networking, educational events, and retreats.  The mission is to create a sustainable ongoing environment that brings leaders together and showcases their attributes and contributions.

The Leading Women Entrepreneurs initiative was developed for the purpose of acknowledging female business owners and corporate leaders who exhibit outstanding performance in areas of innovation, community involvement and advocacy for women.

The rationale for this program is based on the following premises:

  • Recognize and showcase entrepreneurial excellence, service and leadership
  • Celebrate diverse, business, role models
  • Encourage more women to strive towards their business dreams
  • Educate through example
  • Raise awareness for the women leaders who are positively impacting the economy
  • Create media opportunities for the femtale founders of high-potential companies

The women chosen are leaders among the women in business in our state. Intelligent, creative, ambitious and socially conscious, these women are part of the wave of entrepreneurs rising in New Jersey and across the country.

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As women entrepreneurs, we are the architects of change and we know that more of the status quo is not going to cut it. A special set of leaders is required. Are you ready to meet the challenge? Leading Women Entrepreneurs will bring together the innovators who are writing their own rules, collaborating, embracing empowerment, advocating for women and reaching their ultimate potential by forging new progressive paths to growth. Let’s invest in the success of each other!Leading Women Entrepreneurs offers 3 levels of Membership:

Through the LWE Elite Membership, you will gain access and connect personally to some of the most powerful women. The LWE Business Lounge events bring senior leaders together in a private, exclusive environment of openness and engagement that enables them to be more empowered to reach their ultimate business goals.


  • Access to monthly LWE Business Lounge meetings and mastermind sessions
  • Featured in one LWE newsletter. Option to provide your bio, story and professional business attributes
  • One Ticket to all the Top 25 Leading Women Brand Builders, Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs Events
  • Discounted rates on all HQ LWE events, retreats and marketing opportunities
  • Access to VIP experiences
  • Two Tickets to the LWE Force for Change Conference
  • The LWE Member Seal
  • Elite Member Profile and access to LWE-CONNECTS

LWE Elite Membership:  $2500

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As an LWE Premier Member, you will be invited to monthly LWE Business Lounge meetings at no cost. You will have access to networking events, media opportunities, important resources and prospective clients. LWE is a great place to
promote who you are and what your company has to offer.


  • Access to monthly LWE Business Lounge meetings and mastermind sessions
  • Discounted rates on all LWE events, retreats and marketing opportunities
  • Discounted rates to attend the LWE Force for Change Conference
  • A Profile and access to LWE-CONNECTS
  • LWE Member Seal

LWE Premier Membership:  $750

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As an LWE Basic member, our goal is to get your business to the next level through our accelerator and mentorship program. You will have full access to our sister organization BIG and get select LWE benefits.


  • Member of our sister organization BIG PLUS get select LWE privileges:
  • Access to LWE connects
  • Access to 2 LWE masterminds in your local LWE business lounge
  • LWE Accountability partner match
  • LWE mentor match (rolling application process)
  • LWE Member Seal

LWE Basic Membership:  $499 

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I just wanted to reach out to Thank you for all of your advice from the Money Power and Media event last May. I have been really proactive with all of your steps and I am starting to see a big difference. Getting involved with the LWE has really helped to get me out from behind the scenes, improve my self-confidence and get myself and company out in the media. I am now on the Board of Directors for the PWC NJ, was recently asked to be on my first panel (see below) and today Vericon was listed in the NJBIZ Top 250 Privately Held Companies in NJ. We are #142 !!! And of course the biggest accomplishment of the year, being a Top 150 2016 finalist for LWE. 2016 has been a huge year for me !

Tricia Russel Vohden

New York

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