Karen Qualter Carolonza and Deborah Nettune Sittig

Six years ago, Karen Qualter Carolonza and Deborah Nettune Sittig joined forces with a vision: to provide unsurpassed communications support in a smarter, more cost effective way. This vision led to Green Room Communications. Karen brings more than a decade of corporate experience to Green Room. Her last job as Global Director of Public Relations for Becton Dickinson challenged her to create a PR department for the company’s first time in history. BD’s expansive international presence charged her with overseeing dozens of teams, interacting with product managers and reporting to C-level executives on a regular basis. Deborah is an award winning broadcast journalist who brings a decade of journalism experience and delivers media strategy, executive training and storytelling expertise to life science and pharmaceutical clients. She’s devoted to making clients’ stories better. Deborah is also the president and founder of the non-profit patient advocacy group Soft Bones: The U.S. Hypophosphatasia Foundation.