The TOP 25 Leading Women, Force for Change Illuminators  and Crusaders of NJ

In 2020, we are honoring people and companies who are a Force for Change in their field, and create the most cutting-edge innovations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE) is an organization that has recognized over 500 outstanding women in business over the past decade. We are now launching the Force for Change awards and expanding our base to honor NJ’s most innovative leaders of the next decade. In 2020 we are honoring people and companies who are a force for change in their field and creating the most cutting-edge innovations. We are accepting nominations for women, men and companies who excel in these criteria in several categories. The mission is to create a sustainable ongoing environment that brings leaders together and showcases their attributes and contributions.

Force for Change – Crusaders Award

In light of this unprecedented year, The Force For Change platform in 2020 will recognize those individuals who have positively impacted the lives of others in heroic ways during this global pandemic. Many are our medical workers who sacrificed their personal freedoms and risked their own health to fight for the lives of their sick patients. Others are teachers who faithfully committed to the enrichment of their students’ education despite facing endless challenges. Still, more are the numerous ordinary, yet extraordinary, New Jersey citizens who saw a need and rushed to find a solution, rallying hundreds to join them in their selfless missions.

In partnership with our socially conscious corporate, government or professional organizations we are proud to be able to recognize NJ’s bravest and most courageous citizens. Through their heroism, they have positively impacted the lives of those most vulnerable and innocent.

Force for Change – Illuminator Award

LWE is excited to announce a new statewide initiative with NJBIZ as the media partner, designed to showcase women and men across all industries who are innovators and a true “Force for Change” in 25 categories. These are individuals that made a significant shift to address the pandemic and pave the way for a better future for NJ citizens and the nation. The awards are not a competition they are an acknowledgment of ideas, action and initiatives lead by thought leaders and people driven to make the world and our state a better place. Their creativity, imagination and unique problem-solving approach positively impacts their client’s needs and paves the path for future generations.

Top 25 Leading Women Award

The best and the brightest women leaders have been recognized for a decade through the LWE platform. The New Jersey region is home to a fleet of talented female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. An exceptionally qualified group of these women are recognized annually with the announcement of the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Brand Builders and Socialpreneurs. This prestigious group of women is selected out of hundreds of impressive nominations based on their strong business acumen and ability to both influence and inspire within their respective industries.


The VIP Exchange

This VIP Exchange is now an online series.

The VIP Exchange is an elite, invitation-only networking club where integrity and reputation prevail. We welcome senior-level executives in the New Jersey area who exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and leadership in their areas of expertise. Our mission is to create elite and ever-expanding environments and experiences that will enable the most highly regarded professionals the opportunity to expand their referral sources and business opportunities among an equally respected group of colleagues and peers. Our opportunities are offered to professionals in industries including finance, insurance, law, accounting, banking, mortgage, and real estate. Visit for a calendar of events.

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I just wanted to reach out to Thank you for all of your advice from the Money Power and Media event last May. I have been really proactive with all of your steps and I am starting to see a big difference. Getting involved with the LWE has really helped to get me out from behind the scenes, improve my self-confidence and get myself and company out in the media. I am now on the Board of Directors for the PWC NJ, was recently asked to be on my first panel (see below) and today Vericon was listed in the NJBIZ Top 250 Privately Held Companies in NJ. We are #142 !!! And of course the biggest accomplishment of the year, being a Top 150 2016 finalist for LWE. 2016 has been a huge year for me !

Tricia Russel Vohden

New York

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