Joy Taylor – 2015 Top 25 Entrepreneur

CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group

As the co-founder of the firm, Joy Taylor has structured the organization and attracted experienced talent so that TayganPoint is known for making strategy happen. TayganPoint is a management consulting firm providing solutions in the areas of strategy and operational improvement. Clients call the firm when they’re facing a large scale global implementation or a massive regulatory change in their industry or when they need independent experts to execute a strategic plan. With TayganPoint, you get experienced and seasoned consultants that bring deep industry expertise to the life sciences, financial services, healthcare and energy sectors. They are not an extension of your team – they are a part of your team. TayganPoint Consultants are known as a trusted and reliable thought-partner to many of their clients. And their focus on understanding the challenges and achieving cultural integration with their clients is what enables them to make strategy happen.

In her role as CEO with TayganPoint, Joy works hard to balance growing the business with keeping herself current with the challenges facing her clients. As such, she continue to work on client engagements because she truly enjoy being part of the team. Joy’s expertise is large-scale, global implementations requiring strong program management and process change, leading large scale implementations post-merger or acquisition, and implementing Lean Sigma in organizations seeking continuous improvement which aligns their company business strategy.


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