“This is an opportunity for us to revolutionize both our personal and professional lives through energy work,”

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My sister’s wedding is fast approaching, and I have been busy gathering something old (pictures of our grandparents in a bouquet locket), something new (shoes!), something borrowed (the veil I wore at my own wedding), and something blue (I still have 6 weeks to figure this out).

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Striving for Work-Life Synergy

May 12, 2017 / in LWE in the NewsLWE Latest

“Wow, you are so lucky!” exclaimed a colleague I had not seen in quite some time. She was reflecting on my good fortune to be working a flexible schedule that suited me, my employer, and my family’s needs. “I am stressed out all the time, and I can’t seem to find work-life balance whether I am working in an organization or even working for myself,” she remarked.

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I can remember when I first made the connection between mindfulness and executive presence. At that point, I was fairly new to mindfulness. I went to talk to one of the leaders of the company where I was working. Due to scheduling constraints, we met in her office and not a conference room, which I would have preferred. We were constantly being interrupted by people popping their heads in for “just a quick question”, the phone, personal texts, etc. And she was eating her lunch at her desk while all this was going on. I remember leaving her office, thinking, “I wonder if she even knew what she ate for lunch,” that is how distracted she was. When I left, I did not feel valued or respected; moreover, it felt like the leader did not value her own time.

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The presidential election has generated intense buzz among estate tax planning professionals who are wondering whether, and how quickly, the Trump Administration might eliminate the federal estate tax. President Trump has made no secret of his plan to repeal the federal estate tax, which currently stands at 40% on estates over $5.45 million.  House Speaker Paul Ryan has already proffered a tax plan that repeals the estate tax, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has signaled his agreement with repeal.

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Giving Back to Your Profession: The Rewards of Mentoring

February 26, 2017 / in LWE in the News

by Henrietta Fuchs, Partner, CohnReznick Every professional woman has a story of how and why they chose their career. While many of us have made it our mission to be change agents in our field, and to make a difference in our profession and (hopefully) in the world, we must also remember that there are […]

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I just wanted to reach out to Thank you for all of your advice from the Money Power and Media event last May. I have been really proactive with all of your steps and I am starting to see a big difference. Getting involved with the LWE has really helped to get me out from behind the scenes, improve my self-confidence and get myself and company out in the media. I am now on the Board of Directors for the PWC NJ, was recently asked to be on my first panel (see below) and today Vericon was listed in the NJBIZ Top 250 Privately Held Companies in NJ. We are #142 !!! And of course the biggest accomplishment of the year, being a Top 150 2016 finalist for LWE. 2016 has been a huge year for me !

Tricia Russel Vohden

New York

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