Vonda McPherson

In 1998, Vonda McPherson opened her very first restaurant ventures in Elizabeth, a bustling downtown business district. BBQ, a neighborhood haven for a community in desperate need of quality food provided with an uncompromising dignified customer service philosophy. A seasoned Sales Executive for a decade, Vonda McPherson has always had a knack for business, coupled with a flair for aesthetic style and the unforgettable orchestration of event coordination. Her chosen medium to express her creative muse has been the culinary arts and private and corporate event planning. Working for Fortune 500 corporations to the likes of Johnson & Ethicon Division as well as ACS Guidant as a top medical supplies sales executive for years, Vonda McPherson discovered first-hand the successful nuances of professional catering in the high pressured environment of corporate America. During a career transitional period while working as a Sales Executive with digital communications giants Prime Media, Vonda experienced an epiphany of sorts and a restaurateur was born.