Tawana Murphy Burnett

Being part of a 13-year old company, is a first for Tawana. She’s been employee #2 and #36 for companies she’s started or joined with friends in the first few years of incorporation but Facebook has been a door opening to a new adventure in helping large, multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson and Visa incorporate mobile best practices and new go to market capabilities into their DNA and corporate culture.

In between joining Facebook and leaning in to the dot coms of the 90s, Tawana built a career in traditional brand building for multi-billion brands and organizations, leading award winning product development, marketing and commercial innovation for brands such as Advil, Chapstick, Robitussin, Listerine, Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax, QuickBooks, Mint.com and LeapFrog, the makers of Leapster, and Leap Pad.

She is a graduate of Rutgers University, received a Masters in Instructional Technology & Media from Columbia University and an MBA from The Darden School, UVA.